Trindle Bowl is dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. Children love to bowl! That's just a fact. So why not register your kid(s) for our Youth Bowling League today! Call 717-737-9820 for more information. 

See our Saturday Morning Youth Bowling League here 

Adult/Youth Fun Club, Kids Lock-Ins and After School Bowling Programs. 

Please contact Jeff Rizzardo 717-737-9820 for more details.









4695 E. Trindle Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050


You are at home at Trindle Bowl. Our goal is to provide a place for family gatherings, entertainment, and exercise where everyone both young and old can join together for some competition and fun. We currently have 35 DBA HQ bowling lanes with a slide friendly wood approach. We offer automatic scoring so you can spend more time with family and less time practicing addition. You knock down the pins and our well maintained AMF 82-70 Pinspotters take care of setting them back up!